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Precision Sawing - Plate, Rod and Tube

E. Jordan Brookes specializes in providing near net shapes in order to minimize customer handling, excess machine time, and material waste. Our extensive inventory and wide account base allows EJB the flexibility to produce exactly the dimension you need and in quantities that match your requirement. Let us minimize your overall cost by providing rod, plate, and bushing processed to your dimensional requirements.

Plate Cutting


Computer aided tight tolerance 12 foot x 12 foot sawing system with the flexibility to rip or cross cut plastic plate as narrow as 3/8".

Rod and Tube Cutting


Automated rod, tube, and bushing sawing, utilizing high tensile thin kerf band saw blades, minimizes yield loss and provide tolerances as close as + - .005. Diameters up to 8" and cut lengths as short as .500 inch

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